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Sage Payroll Reinstallation Update Problem – Tip – Solution

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When you run the sage payroll installer on a pc that already has or had a previous version installed you will hit the dialogue picker which invites you to choose which installation you wish to update. This might be what you require – if not then there is no obvious method to force a ‘fresh’ installation ignoring whatever happened before, and you might even have a dialogue asking you to choose from an empty [unpopulated] list – you are unable to proceed.

After uninstalling the application and then deleting the program folders etc attempting to by-pass this problem the really critical tip is to look in ‘C:\Windows’.

If there is a ‘Payroll.ini’ file rename/delete it or move it somewhere else if you are cautious.

Obviously take care and back-up data and/or the system if you are working on a live installation.


Economical Refurbished Compact Desktop PC

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HP Compaq ultra slim desktop PCs are the typical kit found in corporate environments and are often replaced on regular schedules.

This means they are easily available in the used market. Rather than buying the latest model at £500-£1000 why not have a previously used system upgraded to Windows 10 and a Hybrid or SSD hard-disk replacement – which makes them very snappy to boot and run programs. They are very neat as they are based on laptop components and can sit under your monitor or hidden away more easily than the common form factors like tower PCs.

Typical Inclusive cost: £ 250 – 350

Subject to availability