VOIP Internet Telephony Promotion

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Executive VOIP phone

Executive VOIP phone

Quickly install Extra Telephone Lines with business class facilities and low running costs …

• VoiceMail, Full Call handling; Recording, Forwarding, Transfer, Greetings Messages, Hunt Groups, Out-of-hours service etc – just like having your own PBX
• Multiple office/locations or mobile/cell phones can be included in your call routing
• Choice of full feature Handsets
• Custom configuiration can be quickly changed using Web interface
• Choice of local STD numbers if required
• Locate handsets any location with a mains socket
• This service requires a broadband connection.

Link to our VOIP Account Provider

VOIP services can be customised to solve your call handling problems. Single or Multi-user at one location or many, complementing or replacing your existing installations.

PostgreSQL 9 installation problem on Windows XP

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PostgreSQL 9.1 on Windows XP Pro 32 bit Installation Failure/problems

After using the Windows Installer for this system the server would not start and could not be started manually from the services management console. Whilst trying to troubleshoot this problem I discovered that reinstalling and changing the default data folder location seemed to resolve the issue. I guess this must be a permissions problem when the data folder is left within the program folder on Windows XP, i had no such problem on an alternative Vista system.

I used the alternative data location of ‘c:\postgresql\data’.

Outlook XP Error 0x8004060c

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My customer reported that his elderly version of Outlook from MS Office XP (2003) had suddenly stopped downloading email and reporting error 0x8004060c, although it was quite happy to send. This is a known problem with local versions of the app using a .pst file to store data rather than MS Exchange. There is a 2gb limit using older versions of the file and 20gb if using a later format.

Solution; split file by creating (or using) an archive, compact file using in-built tool, start using /or/ create a new .pst file possibly in the later format?

Losing Wireless Wifi after windows update

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A HP G61-110SA Laptop/notebook with Windows 7 Home Premium would lose its Wifi connection after windows update. Carrying out a system restore just repeated the problem.
Running Network troubleshooter on the adapter problem produced this result;
‘Windows couldn’t automatically bind the IP protocol stack to the network adapter’

This proved to be an AVG Firewall Module issue, disabling the AVG item in the Network Adapter Properties resolved the issue.

HP dc7900 SFF waking from sleep

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After a re-installation of Windows 7 Professional; a HP Compaq dc7900 Small Form Factor PC would not stay ‘asleep’. The Power settings were enabled to make the machine sleep but it would close down and then almost immediately wake-up again.

The solution was in the Network Adapter’s Advanced Property settings: Disable ‘Wake on pattern match’.

The Windows setting can be changed by following: Device Manager -> Network Adapters -> Properties -> Advanced
NOT the Power Management – Wake on LAN (WOL) / Magic Packet settings or the power-on settings in the BIOS which I tried first.