TP-Link Powerline WiFi & Network Products

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Extend your wired-ethernet and/or WiFi network by using the electrical mains circuit.

All devices mounted on standard UK 3-pin mains plugs. At least two devices are required for a minimal powerline  set-up.

Expanding your wireless coverage

TP-Link TL-4010KIT

Two Plain Wired Adapters – Use to extend WIRED network

TP-Link TL-WPA4220TKit

Two Dual-function WiFi/Wired Extenders and one Plain Wired Adapter


Two Wired Passthrough Single-port (base) Adapters

TP-Link TL-WPA4220

Dual-function WiFi/Wired Extender


Two Wired Passthrough Adapters twin-Port (top)


Plain Wired Adapter & Passthrough Adapter – single port (base)


Dual-function WiFi/Wired Extender and one Plain Wired Adapter

Disk Partition Management Software – Free Versions

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AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. With the help of Partition Assistant, you can not only resize partitions, move partition, split partition, merge partitions, create  and format partitions, but also migrate OS to SSD, copy and clone whole disks and convert disks between GPT and MBR without any risk of data loss.

This is especially useful when you cannot get windows disk management to organize your partitions how you want them.

OS supported: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (all editions, 32 & 64 bit).

Link to main AOMEI website

Alternatively try: MiniTool Partition Wizard

WiFi Printer unreliable connection fix

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I have been asked to fix various printer connectivity problems that seem to have the same characteristics:

  1. WiFi Printer connected to network/router by wireless only
  2. Windows PC trying to access printer seems to work ok initially then loses connection after some time has passed.

Apple computers do not seem to be affected and switching devices on/off can temporarily resolve the issue. I have seen this affect HP and Epson printers and running an ethernet connection from the router to the printer – if the printer has a network socket – seems to fix the problem.

After following the manufacturers troubleshooting advice many times I now believe this is connected with the intelligent network scanners that the manufacturers install with the device drivers to allow for changes of IP address. If you look at the the Port tab under the printer properties you will see that a special entry (for HP it’s called:  <SerialNo> HP network re-discovery port monitor) has been created. If you find the IP address of the printer and add or select an existing port entry using this IP address rather than the ‘special’ entry the problem may be solved.

This would require updating if the IP address of the printer gets updated by network changes – so perhaps a fixed IP address would be more reliable.


Economical Refurbished Compact Desktop PC

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HP Compaq ultra slim desktop PCs are the typical kit found in corporate environments and are often replaced on regular schedules.

This means they are easily available in the used market. Rather than buying the latest model at £500-£1000 why not have a previously used system upgraded to Windows 10 and a Hybrid or SSD hard-disk replacement – which makes them very snappy to boot and run programs. They are very neat as they are based on laptop components and can sit under your monitor or hidden away more easily than the common form factors like tower PCs.

Typical Inclusive cost: £ 250 – 350

Subject to availability