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PC Refresh service – your computer renewed

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These days a PC that is a few years old will most likely still be quite capable of useful work, but might be held-back by particular components or original specification that can be easily updated. This is especially true for work-horse systems used for web access, database or document processing – rather than high end media work or gaming systems which do generally benefit from the latest processors & technology.

An internal spring clean with battery or main drive replacement or memory boost might be all that’s required to rejuvenate your system for a few more productive years at a fraction of the cost to buy new.

Using OpenSSH and SSH on Windows

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Secure Shell software allowing connections between clients and servers for remote administration.

Related Powershell Commands:
Check the installation status
Get-WindowsCapability -Online | Where-Object Name -like 'OpenSSH*'

Start the service
Start-Service sshd

Change the service startup behaviour
Set-Service -Name sshd -StartupType 'Automatic'

Add/Install the service
Add-WindowsCapability -Online -Name OpenSSH.Server~~~~
Local Tunneling allows a port on your local client machine to act as a port on the remote server.
Jump to remote tunnel at 7m 43 secs
Useful Commands to show the logged in user account etc:

tasklist /s <pcname> /fi "imagename eq explorer.exe" /v

wmic /node: <pcname> computersystem get username

wmic /node: <pcname> computersystem get manufacturer, model, username

Or locally:
wmic computersystem get manufacturer, model, username

Change the Network Hostname (Requires Admin account)
Using CMD
wmic computersystem where name="%COMPUTERNAME%" rename "NewName"

Use Powershell and CMD to switch between sessions on either command line  

Using Powershell
Rename-Computer "NewName" -Restart

Windows cURL on the command line

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Command line and scripting tool for transferring data with URLs see the website Curl.se

curl -L -A "Mozilla" http://website.com

This follows re-directs and uses a dummy header to anticipate 406 Not Acceptable errors then returns the page content, you can use a full header string to represent other browsers

This YouTube video is presented by the cURL creator

Windows Robocopy command common usage issues problems & gotchas

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Enclosing the source or destination in double quotes allows the use of paths with spaces in the folder names but DO NOT end with a trailing backslash ‘\’ as this will be interpreted as an escape character.

When using the task scheduler to run a robocopy command script be aware that using the account credentials of the logged-in user may be necessary for access to network drives referred to by the command. An administrator account may not have the necessary permissions.

      ROBOCOPY Source_folder Destination_folder [files_to_copy] [options]

      ROBOCOPY "M:\" "X:Destination Folder\" DON'T USE EITHER OF THESE

      ROBOCOPY M:\ "X:Destination Folder" THIS WORKS

Windows Batch File – Copy Folder from an Existing Template with User Input

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Paste the following code into a .bat text file to create a runnable script that copies an example template folder with contents to a new folder with a name entered by the user. There are an additional couple of lines that then rename and delete files in the new folder as an example of further customisation that could be automated.

@echo off
pushd %~dp0
REM request a Directory Name
set /p UserInput= "Create Directory: "
REM create directory using a source folder template
if not exist "%UserInput%" (
mkdir "%UserInput%"
xcopy /e SourceTemplateFolder "%UserInput%"
REM customise contents
rename "%UserInput%\Content.txt" NewContent.txt
del "%UserInput%\FileToDelete.txt"

Economical Previously Used Compact Desktop PC

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Ex corporate desktop PCs, fast, small, latest Windows Pro OS with Office Suite and a guarantee, upgraded and tested SSD drive  & RAM working memory  – which makes them very snappy to boot and run applications. Neat and quiet. Delivered and installed locally – call for a quote.

Typical Inclusive guide price: £ 250

Subject to availability and exact specification required

WiFi 4G Broadband SIM Router – Local Short Term Rental

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TP-Link SIM Router

If your fixed line broadband is not available – rent a WiFi Wireless Portable Router with full data allowance using the cellular 4G network to connect to the internet and with built-in WiFi for a maximum of 32 devices to share the service. This might cover temporary, emergency or back-up requirements. All you need is a mains power socket, no telephone or other physical connection is required. You must be within service range of a Cellular 4G provider such as Three, EE, O2. This rental service will include use of a single 4G network and should provide connection reliability similiar to a fixed line ‘wall socket’ service and will make use of any high speed LTE availability.

Weekly rental £24.00 inc VAT

Service Terms & Conditions: A refundable deposit will be required against failure to return, damage etc. Charges apply for any date when the equipment has been in the customer’s possession, not just days-in-use or powered. Delivery & collection if available will be charged extra, local hand-over & installation can be arranged. Total charges will be calculated daily at one seventh of the weekly rate BUT a minimum hire charge of one week will apply.